I'm Right There With You

I've been through the process of starting and growing million dollar business from the ground up - 3 times now!

I know how tough it is at the low points and I know how awesome it feels at the high points. I still live and breathe this stuff each and every day, working on new ideas and experimenting with new strategies.

Entrepreneurship is the most challenging yet the most fullfilling persuit out there.

I want to do everything I can to help you succeed in growing your own business, so feel free to Let Me Know how I can help you.

Current Businesses

  • LIFTOFF Digital

    A digital marketing company focussed on driving revenue to e-commerce websites with a guaranteed ROI.

  • QueTech

    An online, continuing education company providing affordable and convenient CEUs to nurses, physical therapists, mental health professionals, and more...

  • Fit to You

    An in-home fitness/nutrition company providing personal trainer services.

Concepts I'm Exploring

  • A SaaS company that uses machine learning to optimize pricing for e-commerce websites
  • An online membership company that customizes fitness/nutrition plans for individuals