Day 36

Laguna Beach, CA -> Carlsbad, CA

I went a little slower than I typically would go today. Not because the route was difficult, the terrain was steep, or some other factor like that, but because I unilaterally made a decision (easy to do when it’s just you).

The Big Decision

I decided… that today… was going to be 80’s karaoke day! because why not?


I popped in my ear buds, hit up my 80’s play list on Spotify, and cranked up the volume.

Little Known Fact: I never sing in public, but as just a couple of you may know, I do sing quite a bit when I’m by myself or with one or two other people.

The Song My Sister Jennifer And I Blast And Sing To In the Car

Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Bowie - I was nailing them all. It’s easy when you’re the only contestent and the only one in the audience.


I ended up spending quite a few miles today on I-5. I’m pretty sure this is the largest freeway I’ve been on so far on the trip with 4 lanes going in each direction.


Other than it being really, really noisy, it wasn’t all that bad. Plenty of room for the bike.

Semi Physics

I’ve noticed that when a semi passes by you on a bike, there are two distint stages that occur. In the first stage, right as it passes by, a gust of wind comes from your left and sort of pushes the bike out to the right a bit. In the second stage, air gets sucked back in and pushes the bike back the other direction to the left.


I’ve learned to ride this wave so to speak and lean the bike a bit in the opposite direction right before each stage hits. It used to be a little bit unsettling, but I think I’ve just gotten used to it from the time on the road.

Dinner With Family

Tonight I’m staying with my cousin Mindy and her fiancee Erik in Carlsbad. We also met up with her parents Kent and Brenda. My great aunt (Auntie Anne) took us all out to dinner for Italian food tonight.


It was so great to see everyone again - it’s been way too long!

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