Day 37

Carlsbad, CA -> San Diego, CA

The journey is starting to wind down and come to an end. It’s so weird to think that I’ll be back home tomorrow night… When I started this trip, I remember it taking about a week or so for it to really sink that I was on the road. I feel like it’s probably going to be the reverse here starting tomorrow.

San Diego

Seeing More Family

We had a big dinner in San Diego tonight with a whole bunch of family on my mom’s side.

I had a long conversation with whom I refer to as “Uncle Kurt” tonight about the technical terms for how we’re all related. We were both trying to talk it through and at one point it devolved into:

Well, Marsha’s dad is your grandmother’s sister…

At that point we knew it was time to turn to Google to get this figured out and determined that we were at dinner with 5 of my “1st cousins, once removed” (my mom’s cousins - Kurt, Marsha, Susan, Laurie, and Nancy) and my “great aunt in law” Donna. John was also there (who is Susan’s husband - not sure what that makes him exactly.) I’m not sure why, but this genealogy stuff is really hard for me to grasp.


A number of them are planning on meeting me again at the border tomorrow.

I feel so lucky to have so many people around supporting me at the finish line :)

The Plan

As I write this I’m only about 25 miles away from the border.

I’ve got one last ride tomorrow from San Diego to San Ysidro in the morning. From there, I’m going to jump on the Amtrak train back home (maybe about 7 hours or so.) Then ride about 1 more mile back to my house.

Just one more day left!