Day 6

Olympia, WA -> Chehalis, WA

Ramping back up today, I hit 40 miles. I’ve just got one day left, and then I’ll be in Oregon. At that point, I’m hoping to average 50 miles or so for the remainder of the trip.

Getting an early start

I woke up super early this morning, so I decided to just grab some breakfast and head right out. What else am I going to do? :P

I got to see an awesome sunrise above the water at the start of one of the trails.

Awesome Sunrise

Awesome Sunrise

Today’s Ride

Today took me out to the east of I-5 along many miles of bike paths and trails. Here are a few shots from my GoPro along the way.

Early Morning Trail 1
Early Morning Trail 2
Early Morning Trail 3

Early Morning Trails

The trails then dropped me into mostly farmland as I made my way to the next destination.

Farmland 1
Farmland 2
Farmland 3
Farmland 4

Out in the Country

This brought me into Chehalis, a tiny town of about 7,000 or so people.



I’ll be staying over here for the night and then off to Longview in the morning to see Amanda’s parents.